Thursday, 15 July 2010

They're Using Our Hops Here.

Regular customer and frequent flyer Jos Ruffell recently brought in a few bottles of Sierra Nevada's amazing Southern Hemisphere Hop Harvest Ale. We've also been stocking Mikkeller's Nelson Sauvin IPA for some time. Meanwhile our favourite Asian brewery, Baird, have been experimenting with New Zealand hops, and as we speak they are filling kegs for us with two pale ales showcasing NZ Cascade and Hallertau respectively.

Which begs for all these beers made overseas with NZ hops to be given some kind of showcase. And that's what we're planning - probably as a tasting in September. Now we've only got about half the beers we need for a decent tasting. So we're keen to hear of any other beers being made overseas that are built around NZ hops. Suggestions welcome...