Wednesday, 23 February 2011

What Do You Do?

I hope we never have to face a day like Tuesday Feb 22 again. And not only for the obvious reason. At about the same time the earthquake happened two of our staff were returning from the funeral of Matthew Hall. The media reports of his murder seem to have understated his reputation as a home brewer, but Shiggy and Sam knew him and a matter of weeks ago he helped Sam with a brew.

It was a strange atmosphere in the bar on Tuesday afternoon with Sam and Shiggy returning to work in their funeral garb, while we watched the events in Christchurch unravel on the TV.

So it's time we did something drastic. This Saturday evening every cent taken over the bar at Hashigo Zake from 6pm until midnight will be set aside and donated to two causes. One is Atareira, in recognition of Matthew Hall. The other will be Christchurch earthquake relief.