Monday, 20 April 2009

The Mussel Inn

The Mussel Inn must be one of the best pubs in the world. It's remote, atmospheric, idiosyncratic, hosts great bands and best of all serves its own great beer. 

It had been many years since I tasted the Captain Cooker Manuka beer and it was as good as ever. Although I will concede that it is a matter of taste. It struck me this time that the distinctive flavour is a tad phenolic, which is sure to help polarise drinkers. I think though that Manuka beer is New Zealand's greatest single contribution to the evolution of beer - ahead of Riwaka and Sauvin hops and, ahem, continuous fermentation.

I liked the lemonade and the feijoa-infused lambagreeny too.

Unfortunately I had to leave in a hurry on the morning after and had limited time for taking photos.


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  2. Does the Mussel Inn sell mussels? I am craving for some now..


    Biggest fan of Hashigozake