Wednesday, 29 July 2009


The sale and purchase agreement has gone unconditional. So I can finally let on that the location of Hashigo Zake will be the basement at 25 Taranaki St. At the moment it is the home of Vintage Bar, and over the years it has variously been known as Cell and Monkey Bar.

It's close to Courtenay Place but not in its noisy centre, which is something I always wanted in a location. It's also very atmospheric and already fitted out in a fashion that's compatible with what I wanted to create. It can hold 120 people, which should be plenty.

I take possession next week and have a few changes to make before opening later in August.


  1. Awesome location! Can't wait to see the place.

  2. It's exciting to see how things are in progress. I can't wait to see what your Hashigozake bar is like! :D

  3. Later in August? Just in time for Beervana. Count on a visit good sir. :)

  4. Great stuff Dominic! I will get a piece in the News section of the SOBA Newsletter, due out next week. Cheers Nick

  5. That's great news as I work literally around the corner.

    Found your website ( through the Beervana page. Haven't heard about it through my usual haunts (The Wellingtonista, Texture etc), so it's a nice surprise to know your bar is opening.