Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Roman Beer

This week Hashigo Zake was lucky enough to host a visit by Italian brewer, beer distributor and bar owner Alex Liberati. Alex is a knowledgeable and charismatic evangelist for craft brewing. He was also keen to soak up New Zealand brewing culture and find some candidate beers for his importing business. An improvised tasting was put together with bottles that Alex brought in his luggage combined with a few local staples and one or two experimental ones from local brewers. Then when we ran out of time Alex stayed an extra night so we could continue. In return barman/chef Sam put on a bowl of green lipped mussels that had our guest in raptures.

Next time Alex makes it this way we'll put on something more structured for a bigger audience.


  1. Top man, it'd be great to see him down here with some sort of formal tasting.

    A shame that my classy bottle of Rex Attitude didn't make the photo at the bottom... and that I missed all the food!!!!

  2. And for the record... Alex's bar in Rome is Brasserie 4:20 and his brewing company is Revelation Cat.

    Some of the beers consumed were Stu's Rex Attitude, Revelation Cat's Wood Series IPA, Revelation Cat & Mikkeller's Cream Ale, a Russian Imperial Stout and Barley Wine from de Molen. And quite a few others.