Sunday, 30 August 2009

Preview time

The paint's dry, the taps are working and an eftpos terminal miraculously appeared late on Friday. If the business was software we'd be in beta testing. So since the middle of last week (Aug 26) we've been letting customers in. Not everything is working yet, but beer lovers are well looked after.

It was appropriate that the first customers were the Beervana volunteers, who patiently waited while the first four taps came to life.

On tap now are:
  • Emerson's Pilsener
  • Epic Pale Ale
  • Renaissance Elemental Porter
  • Hofbrau Weissbier
  • Harringtons Monsoon
  • Three Boys IPA
  • Emerson's Bookbinder
  • Mussel Inn Captain Cooker.

    Waiting in the storeroom are Three Boys Pils, Three Boys Wheat and Renaissance Stonecutter. And thanks to Beervana we've had the brewers of almost all of those beers through the doors as well.

    I'll think up some comments soon about the experience that was Beervana 2009.

    Anyone in Wellington who's inclined to come in, please do. We're opening the doors at 5pm every day.


    1. While not a volunteer, it was a pleasure and a privilege to be among the first customers Dom, and I really enjoyed leaving with my wallet considerably lightened and my ability to make a coherent argument equivalently reduced. Just a brilliant place. I wish you success and prosperity, and you're now in the list of three places I must have at least one beer when in Welly. ;)

    2. I'm about a month late. Will so visit soon. You guys on Twitter? Twitter beer updates sound encouraging especially for corporate slaves on Friday afternoons.